The Playoffs & Phone Calls

Watching the Packer game tonight. Who’s not watching the Packer game! So I’m sitting here in TX and it looks so cold up there in Wisconsin. Its like 60ish degrees here and well below zero degrees there.

When the packers play my family and friends from WI must have some kind of connection because almost everyone I know from there has called me today. My sister, my Grandmother, my Best-Friend, my Aunt, (all from WI) Curtis and even Curtis’s dad Terry (who both wish they were from WI).

Call me crazy, but I’m convinced its some kind of subliminal playoff radio waves being put off and affecting our subconsciousnesses; bringing us all together to celebrate the greatest football team in the country.

Go Packers!

Embarrasing photos that tend to resurface.

So what are friends for but to find pictures of you looking like a complete tool. This is one of those times. I found this picture on her Myspace page. Its from February of ’07. We’re standing on some old Iraqi tanks (which you can’t see).

We worked together and were bunk mates. Its funny. Her year will be over in a few weeks and she’ll be arriving back here in D.C. While I’m about to leave D.C. in a few weeks to go back to the place that she just left and I left 8 months ago.

Anyway, not the point. The point is don’t get caught in silly positions – and especially in uniform (even if you are having to much fun) – that might end up turning up almost a year later.

Packing up for TX, then maybe….Iraq…

I have to pack today for San Antonio. Nothing better then waiting till the day before to figure out everything you’re going to need. Its better then the morning of, which is what I usually do.

Things are going a bit better lately. My boss has told Curtis and I that it looks like theres a good chance I’ll be leaving when I get back from Tx. Instead of having to wait until March like I was told last week. This is really good news, but I am in no way getting my hopes up. I told my boss I’d believe it when I see the tickets TO IRAQ in my hand. Getting your hopes up over and over again just to be smacked down is not the way I like my life to go.

I keep thinking of last year and what it was like; rolling off the plane with hundreds of soldiers. This year will be nothing like that. I am a civilian now. I keep wondering how often I’ll have to remind myself of that.

Plans contantly in motion

This week my boss sat me down (again) and delivered some news. I will not be deploying this month. In fact, I won’t be deploying till March. At first I was really upset (angry, sad, etc.) but now realize theres not much I can do about it. Between now and then I will be traveling and doing installations at different sites.

My first installation site is San Antonio Tx. They (bosses) asked me if that was ok, and I said ‘yes, of course’. I’ll get to see family (Mom and KC and Bill). While the first installation is in TX, the others might be in Alaska and Germany as well. Don’t know about those yet.

At least I’ll be busy for the next couple of months. But still, if I had my choice I would be over with Curtis tomorrow.

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe that another year has passed. Its officially 2008. Hope everyone had a fun New Years eve and didn’t drink too much.

Cheers to the year ahead!

Pulling my hair out, as the waiting continues

Tomorrow is New Years eve. The gals at work have been asking me to go out with them for New Years for the past week, but it just doesn’t feel right. I mean, I know I’m not supposed to sit around and mope but I kind of can’t help it. I miss Curtis.

The bosses at work make it sound like I could be leaving soon but they’ve been saying that for 4 months. I’m taking what they say with a LARGE grain of salt.

I’m just ready to be reunited with him and not separated ever again. We’ve been married two years and have barely spent a year of it together. Sorry to stress and pout, but sometimes you gotta let it out. I miss having someone to bounce ideas off of, and someone to make sure all the doors are locked at night. All the little things.

Embarrasing Moments in the Airport

Today was a travel day. I flew from San Antonio to Atlanta to D.C. to get back to work tomorrow. I always like to arrive at the airport about two hours early; to avoid the crowds, read a book, and just relax. So thats what I did this morning.

While waiting I go take a quick bathroom break, and while I’m walking in one of my favorite 60’s songs comes on. I start singing and don’t pay any attention to the fact that I’m singing in a bathroom. Then suddenly I hear this “OMG! Jeezz” and other comments of that nature. Thats when I realize that they are all talking about me and maybe I should DEFINITELY not sing in a public restroom.

This occasional (more like chronic) absentmindedness causes me so much trouble. Like zoning out when I’m driving and finding myself not where I originally planned on going. Or just in general losing my keys every day. Errr.

Any advice on how to remedy this is much appreciated!

Iraq Monotony

Monotony, its a way of life here in Iraq.  12 hour days, seven days a week.  Its amazing how fast time flies when a work schedule is like this monotony, its a way of life here in Iraq.  12 hour days, seven days a week.  Its amazing how fast time flies when a work schedule is like this monotony, its a way of life here in Iraq.  12 hour days, seven days a week.  Its amazing how fast time flies when a work schedule is like this monotony, its a way of life here in Iraq.  12 hour days, seven days a week.  Its amazing how fast time flies when a work schedule is like this monotony, its a way of life here in Iraq.

Merry Christmas

Its been a great Christmas, full of surprises. I get done with CRC, fly down here to San Antonio and the next day drive down to the Tx/Mexico border to spend an early Christmas with my Great-Grandmother. My mom and I walk in the door and there standing is my Grandmother. She flew down from WI to spend Christmas with us. I was shocked, very happily shocked.

So we had four generations of the oldest daughters together for a few days. The hardest part was Curtis not being there. It means the world to me that my family has accepted him with open arms and misses him like hes one of their own.

Once we reach adulthood and start lives of our own, how rare the moments are that we get to actually sit down and enjoy family. I feel like my life has been so busy the last couple of years, that I’m missing out on things that I couldn’t appreciate when I was still growing up. I know theres still time to enjoy family, but Great-Grandmothers and Grandmothers don’t last forever, even if I desperately wish they would. To always be there for me to cry on their shoulder, to give good advice, and to tell me when I’m just being silly.

It was an excellent few days. I hope yours was as enjoyable. Merry Christmas!


Curtis again. So Iraq… I’m here now and settled into my job. So far the people are great, the actual work is great, and the living conditions are better than the summer I worked at Boy Scout camp, and my dorm room in college. Speaking of Boy Scout camp, so far, this place is comparable to it outside of lacking any kids. There is quite a gender gap. I walk to work. I have limited electronics available at the hooch (military slang, a thatched hut, or any simple dwelling).

As far as work goes, I work roughly one-half of every day. I eat at least twice a day, and drink quite a bit of Mountain Dew. I also havn’t really seen signs of a war actually being present around me other than every uniformed military member carrying a weapon. Work is also quite fun. I am basically given tasks to do, problems to solve, and by the end of the day hopefully fix or make progess on solving them.

Additonally, while we are over here we are going to have to be intentially vague when talking about our jobs, location, day to day schedule, and other items. This is called OPSEC, or Operations Security. So if you wonder why I am being vague or leaving out some seemingly important details like my physical location in Iraq, its because of OPSEC. OPSEC is basically not allowing the enemy (I havn’t seen any yet.) the ability to learn things about the military through normal means. For instance, an individual could visit this page and deduce from posts and comments where I work, what I work on, and therefore could, at least in theory, target us or our deployed forces in some manner.