The Awesome Aussie

Last night Curtis and I went to dinner with a couple of friends I was in Iraq with – Nic and Mo, and his wife Teryn. We ate at the Austin Grill in old town Alexandria and shared drinks, food, and some memories from Iraq. Nic is from Australia and has been visiting here in the states for a few months now. And now shes preparing to leave on Monday. D*mn it! I selfishly don’t want her to leave.

While I won’t go into to many details about our very first encounter in the Baghdad, Iraq, 🙂 I would like to mention the Nic I met that day. She came across as a bit shy and quiet, among other subdued personality traits. I would later discover that she was outgoing, funny, deep, and a good friend. She was one of two female Aussies I was to spend the next 6 months working on and off with. *Nic did end up staying much longer then 6 months, voluntarily!* Over the course of these many months she influenced a number of us young soldiers with her experience, dedication, and hooah attitude. She participated in our push-up competitions, she worked more hours then I thought possible, and she shared quite a bit of cultural experience with those of us who had never even considered leaving our bubble. She even kept an incriminating quote book that I hope never gets published as she got us all out of context more then a few times. 😉

One of the things I find wonderful about my good friend is the fact that she decides to come to the U.S. and in doing so sees more of this great country then most of us who live our lifes here. In the span of a few months she has seen everything but the best parts of the mid-west (Wisconsin!). Shes been to the west coast, the south, and lately the east coast. Shes even seen a space shuttle launch, WTF!

Her staying on the east coast has been my favorite as she has brought a number of us (who were in Iraq) together that probably would not have thought to do it if it had not been for her presence. And for that – among other things – I am most grateful. We will miss you, Nic. Come back to us soon.