Being Home

Curtis and I flew home to Wisconsin for Christmas and spent some time in the house. It was great. We were only home for a few days, but we crammed alot in. Saw the whole family. Spent time with Mom, Dad, and Uncle Billy. Played with a shy puppy. Discovered Curtis has an affinity for puppies and wants to get one. I’d like to take that slow though…having our litte Missy is enough for now!

Tracked a deer with the dad, uncle, and grandpa, through some very cold and snow covered woods. I forgot what true bone deep cold felt like and what it was like to be deep in the woods. Outside and surrounded by nothing but woods and wildlife. Felt amazing! I love my job, but d*mn I miss our beautiful world.

We haven’t had time since we’ve purchased the house and property to explore the land, so dad brought over the snowmobiles and we got to cruise across it. Thats the house and shop in the background. I did not realize just how big 80 acres really is.

With the recession and everything as it is, it was decided that Christmas was mostly about family and food (lots of it!), so everyone drew a name and had to get a present for their respective name. It turned out great! Everyone loved their gifts and of course the nephews – being the only little people present – were spoiled rotten. Curtis and I got Colin a two foot toy dragon.

Missy even got a gift. Leave it to my Sister to get my dog an annoying winter sweater that says “Diva Dog”. Really!?!

The only thing missing was our Great-Grandma Karol.

Megalopolis white out

The East Coast was attacked by a major now storm this weekend. The snow fell for what felt like two days. I sat inside for most of this, staring aimlessly out the window. Missy (our little angel chihuahua) did not like the look of things to come.

When I woke on Sunday morning the ground was covered in beautiful white crystals. We immediately ran outside to unearth the car. The plows were starting to take care of the roads, but we had to shovel our car out ourselves. Shoveling the car out included making snow angels, throwing snowballs, and falling once or twice. But it was soo worth it. Neither Curtis nor I have seen this much snow since our respective childhoods.