Merry Christmas!

Today was like any other day. Went to work at 6 this morning, and prepared to work the day, but then realized that working was the last thing I wanted to do! So I relaxed a little. Flipped the TV at work to the military networks movie channel and watched some Christmas movies. lol. Don’t tell my boss!

I missed family all day long. But the movies and comradery in my office helped with the pain. We joked, we laughed, we grilled and we told stories about being home and what our respective families do during the holidays.

It temporarily lightened the heavy feeling of sadness that had settled on all of us. The recent days had been leading up to this day, like a death march. I thought once it reached this day it would be the hardest, but its turned out quite the opposite. Its ended up a cheery day spent with good friends and good tales. While it doesn’t compare to the joys of home, it was an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Helpdesk Extradoniar

Since I’ve been back from Afghanistan my boss has decided to give me a short reprieve from flying around the country and has put me on the help desk for a couple months. I know everybody is probably wondering what I do on the helpdesk. Well, believe it or not, I help people! Really. I answer phone calls, troubleshoot over the phone. Generally try to cheer people up and try (very hard at times) to maintain a positive attitude, laced with patience.

People aren’t exactly genial on the phone, but I realize that inside they’re probably bursting with happiness to have to call for support and spend an indeterminate amount of time on the phone. Okay, all sarcasm aside, I have found that I do enjoy the customer service portion of it. My mom has always said that somewhere inside of me (way down deep) there is a nice person who truly wants to help people. I didn’t think I’d ever find that person, but lately, I think I’ve seen a few glimpses.

As I hear the frustration building in my callers voices, I try to imagine my own experiences with customer support. I’ve wanted to strangle them at times. People can be so rude, when all you want is your stuff to work properly, as it should.

So I’m fairly enjoying it, and its really interesting seeing a different side of the coin. I’m no longer the person calling demanding help, now I provide it.