Tragic News

While we were in AF, Kenny and I became very close friends with a gentlemen named Jeff. He was from the south so him and Kenny instantly hit it off. He shared our tiny office with us – making us coffee every morning – and we’d frequently play poker with him. Him and Kenny would always give me a hard time about everything.

I guess you could say he was Kenny and I’s Afghanistan Dad. He had recently become engaged to his high-school sweetheart from 20 yrs ago and was planing a huge vacation for his and her entire family upon his return. He was scheduled to return to the states two days from now. His year was almost up.

I came into work this morning, checked my email, and received an email telling me that Jeff had died last night from a heart attack. It took me a few moments to register what was real. Did he really die? How could that happen? How is that fair? He was early 40′s. I saw him less then a week ago and he was fine. More then fine, ecstatic to be so close to the end of his tour.

Kenny and I went to the Chapel here on base and prayed. I suddenly felt like a little kid during all this, who didn’t know what to do. I kept wishing my Great-Grandmother was here to help me pray. When I lived with her, we prayed every night and it felt right. Its another dose of reality, that I didn’t want to face.

Settling In

We’re all starting to feel some amount of normalcy returning to our lifes. KFB comes in early, calls his family, works, and when hes not working he sits in the office looking at pictures of his wife and son.  Hes only got about 40 days left, so hes been estatically happy.

Curtis and I are just enjoying being together everyday. Being able to watch movies, eat lunch, play games, bullsh*t. I’m loving having warm showers and not having a guard outside my shower trailer (like in AF). But, on the downside, the walking! Its killing me. On this base we walk almost a mile to work. I used to enjoy the walk and the fresh morning air, but I’ve grown lazy in AF and am no longer used to it.