Been a While…

Sorry family and friends that it has been so long since Curtis and I have written. We both seem to get so caught up in what we’re doing that it becomes hard to find the time for anything else. Not for lack of thinking about the people we love the most though! We’re sorry and are going to ensure that we don’t fall off the radar again.

Things have changed a bit in the last month and a half. While Curtis is diving more and more into his job, I have been moved to a new position. Contracts change, and positions change. I now fly all over Iraq doing computer installations and troubleshooting. And I love it! – Curtis is not to happy, but he says its ok as long as I don’t take any unnecessary risks. And I don’t.

I travel to these remote sites for about a week at a time. I get to ride a helicopter and meet loads of new people. I will try to take pictures as I got out to the sites and post them on the blog when I get back. I don’t usually have internet connection at the sites but I do come back to home base and spent time with Curtis and my computer.

Miss everybody so much and love all!