KP Duty

Yesterday while taking care of National Guard stuff an awkward situation arose. We (all the soldiers) are sitting in the bleachers talking to our platoon sergeant. And hes asking for volunetters for different duties – specifically KP (kitchen duties). And I love, love, to volunteer for extra duties. Keeps me busy. Well, Curtis hates volunteering for anything. So I kick him (subtly) to get him to volunteer and then we can do it together. It seemed like a good idea at the time. 🙂

So he gets the hint – after much kicking – and raises his hand.  Well, right after he raises his hand another solider does. Meaning that the platoon sergeant now has his volunteers and won’t take anymore. So I’m screwed – because I don’t get to do duty – and Curtis is screwed because now he has too. Opps.

Well, at the end of the day it came down to Curtis having to do 7 hours of washing dishes and scrubbing floors. To say the least he wasn’t to happy with me.

Enchanted…The Movie

Last night we went and saw Enchanted, the movie, at the theater. Make up for not being able to the night before, on our anniversary. It was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. For adults and children alike. I laughed, and almost cried. I enjoy feel good movies immensely and this one takes the hat.

It started off a little bit cheesy – you kind of figured that it would based on the previews – but it quickly turned from cheesy to out right funny for its wittiness, creativity, and uniqueness. It follows the story of a young fairy tale woman who gets dropped into dreary New York city. She can’t help but bring laughter and smiles to everyone she meets, including you the audience member. I even think Curtis enjoyed it. So to all you families, couples, and singles this is a must see.

2yr Anniversary

Yesterday was our two year anniversary. And we spent it with the National Guard. Ehh! No it wasn’t all that bad. While we did spend the day with the National Guard, we did get to spend the night doing what we wanted. Things have been so busy lately, with travel and work that we decided to do something we haven’t had a chance to do in a while. Just have a normal night. Go eat at Chili’s (our favorite restaurant) then go to a movie. – Due to time constraints we kind of had to leave off the movie part, but it was still an excellent night.

Its weird, this is kind of like our first anniversary. Last year I was in Iraq and we didn’t have anything to do other then to say I love you over the phone. So we really enjoyed just being us and being together. This year we did decided to hold off on gifts, but next year there will have to be gifts!

His mom called to wish us a happy anniverary. I thought that was the coolest thing. I’ve never heard of that, but I sure did love it. It was so thoughtful and I never would have thought of it. I wonder if she does that b/c shes from a different generation or just a different family environment. Do other families do that? Hmm?