Maryland Renaissance Festival

The festival was a blast. Curtis made his own outfit – which turned out really well. He bought raw fabric and a sewing machine and just sewed it all together! The mans got skill. I on the other hand don’t have that kind of skill, so I purchased a gown and wore that. Curtis has been to many Renaissance Festivals so he knows the ropes. – side note: its weird finding more and more things out the longer you’re married. 🙂

There were so many people there from all walks of life. Even some crazies. There were some gothic looking folks, a mock queen and king, some jousting, and even a little knife throwing mixed in there. I love an excuse to dress up in costume. I mean, as adults we rarely get to dress up, unless its Halloween. Some days I wish I was still 5, and could just tell mom I don’t want to get out of my TMNT outfit.

As far as the future goes, I see us as frequent fliers of the Renaissance Festivals, weirdos and all.

Moving into the Townhouse

We officially moved into the townhouse. When I say ‘moved in’ really I mean we rented some furniture and have our Iraq stuff moved in. Otherwise all our household goods and personal items are still in storage in San Antonio, TX.

We will probably only being living here for about 3 months, before deploying overseas. We get to stay for the holidays and see family and friends. Thank goodness!

The hard thing is having to purchase so many things we already own. Like a microwave, toaster, etc. Its amazing how much you take those things for granted until you move in and realize you have no way to eat your food…..unless you want to cook, and even then you would have to buy pots and pans and such. Not that I’d being cooking anyway, but I’m sure I’d try….occasionally….if I had the proper tools. Or maybe not. 🙂

Facebook is better than Myspace.

I’ve been a Facebook user for a while now. But had never given into the Myspace wave. Recently however, it came to my attention that a few of my friends only use Myspace so I had to give in and become the sheep. Here are some thoughts on the two:

Myspace. I can’t lie, there are a few perks to using Myspace. For one, Myspace allows you to use your own code. As a coder (recently acquired skill set) I love the opportunity to style my own site. I also love the creative aspect that Myspace allows. I go to my friends site and I’m able to see a whole new side of their personality. But there in lies the problem. A number of sites, that aren’t properly maintained are chaotic and frustrating to dig through. Not to mention the adjustments that Myspace itself makes to its site as whole and then fails to inform their users, screwing up color schemes and other features on the individual site.

Facebook. Facebook has an overall appeal. The site design is much better. Its neat, clean, and concise. My favorite is the applications that can be added, allowing for more interaction between users then just a comments section (Myspace).

Example: If I so desired I can ‘throw’ a sheep at one of my friends in Australia or a burger through the Food Fight application. Or I can attack or infect the Zombie on my college buddies page. Or compete in TV trivia, or play chess, or Texas hold’em that sits on the site until I log on again.

Also, the groups and the photo-sharing are much better.

All in all, Facebook wins out. I enjoy the interaction and don’t have to deal with annoying color schemes that screw up depending on the browsers. While there are many reasons to choose one over the other, these are just a few of my quibbles and preferences.


Skydiving rocks! Except for those first 45 seconds of ear shattering pain during freefall. The gliding down after freefall was the best part. O, and the intial jump out of the plane was sweet too. Being as it was a tandum jump, I just had to hang on for the ride. I’m going to do one more tandum with an emphasis on Accelrated Freefall before I finally jump on my own.

The freakiest thing was, it was my tandum instructors first jump with a student. I really didn’t want to know that, but o well. I initially thought I would much rather have one of the other guys, but he turned out to be awesome. Even though I could tell he was a little nervous about me.

After we came out of freefall, it took me like 30 seconds before I could even talk. I was in such shock. The instructor was freaking out. ‘Are you ok!’ he kept shouting. I mean, I was fine, but surprised as all hell. Jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet kind of takes you off guard is all. 🙂

All in all it rocked and I will definitly be going again in a few weeks.