We’re Here…

So we’re back in Iraq. Missing home…everyday. Wouldn’t it be nice if vacations never ended!

We are adjusting to life over here again. We’ve been back a week and Curtis seems to have adjusted fairly well. Except I still have trouble getting him up in the morning. No more sleeping in…..vacation is over!

I’ve spent the week preparing for Afghanistan. I leave in just a couple of days for a three month tour over there. Curtis will stay here. Upon completion of the three months I will come back and work here in Iraq again. I’m excited and nervous.

I’ve heard rumor that Afghanistan is full of beautiful mountains. But I’ve also heard through the media mongers that the country has seen a severe up-swing in violence. Not looking forward to that part. But as I’m still young and restless/adventurous and full of patriotic spit and vinegar I must go where I feel my country needs me most. So I’m off!


Since I moved out of my Aunt and Uncles – who got me through high school – and taken on the big world, they have changed. Over the past few years, they’ve started playing golf. I was always a little confused about this, as they are hunters, four-wheelers, and seemingly adventurous people. I wondered how they could possibly enjoy a game like golf. I’ve always assumed golf was for rich fat white people. (excuse the ASSumption!)

On this vacation they insisted that we try it out and so we did…..WOW! It was so much fun. I had a blast. We rented the carts – mainly so we could drive really fast and act irresponsible; those things are so cool.

The best part of it all was Teeing off. I love hitting something/anything that hard. And to watch it fly through the air, knowing that I had hit it as hard and as accurately as I good…..was a great feeling. Also, spending time with the family was great. We laughed, drank beer, hit some balls, and just had an overall fun time.

When we weren’t driving the little go-carts around, we were walking. Being out in the Wisconsin fresh air felt great. Albeit a bit cold for me. I’m used to the 120-130ish degree weather of Iraq. But I did love it.

If you’ve never tried it, you must. You might find out you share the same misconceptions that I had.


So here we are. Finally have taken our R&R. Or I guess I should call it vacation now. Either way, its great!

The last few months have been long and it feels good to get a break. We’re taking two weeks of leave. Planning on spending a week here in MI, a couple days in New Orleans, and the second week in WI with family.

There are so many thingsĀ – little things – that I’m so glad to see. Like grass. I even saw a deer less then a mile away from the Mall of America. Really!?!

We have a good interent connection – had forgotten what that feels like – so we’ll be able to post more. Miss everybody. Love yas!