While I was in Kuwait

The military required us to stop in Kuwait on the way to Afghanistan, so while we were there we went into Kuwait City.

We visited one of the largest malls in the city. While I’m not used to seeing so many women AND men in robes, everyone was nice and respectful. And the mall was super clean. Cleaner then any U.S. mall I’ve ever been in. There were some oddities though, like in the food court they leave their food right there; they don’t throw it away. The clothes they were selling were really nice and expensive. And while my eye is untrained, their clothes seemed very fashionable.

We also went to see The Kuwait Towers. Apparently, the three tours serve not only as a tourist trap but also for practical purposes. One, the needle shaped tower, provides electricity to the suburbs in Kuwait. The second and middle towers stores up to one million gallons of water. They also house a rotating restaurant and the view was spectacular. You can see a large portion of the city.

At the end of the day we all ate at an Indian restaurant, that had plush cushions and delicious drinks (non-alcoholic! 🙁 ) Its illegal to posses or drink alcohol in the country, so they poor alot of skill into their drinks. Smoothies, non-alcoholic cocktails, etc. I must have tried at least five different drinks at dinner, not including all the sips of my team mates drinks. 🙂