Being Home

Curtis and I flew home to Wisconsin for Christmas and spent some time in the house. It was great. We were only home for a few days, but we crammed alot in. Saw the whole family. Spent time with Mom, Dad, and Uncle Billy. Played with a shy puppy. Discovered Curtis has an affinity for puppies and wants to get one. I’d like to take that slow though…having our litte Missy is enough for now!

Tracked a deer with the dad, uncle, and grandpa, through some very cold and snow covered woods. I forgot what true bone deep cold felt like and what it was like to be deep in the woods. Outside and surrounded by nothing but woods and wildlife. Felt amazing! I love my job, but d*mn I miss our beautiful world.

We haven’t had time since we’ve purchased the house and property to explore the land, so dad brought over the snowmobiles and we got to cruise across it. Thats the house and shop in the background. I did not realize just how big 80 acres really is.

With the recession and everything as it is, it was decided that Christmas was mostly about family and food (lots of it!), so everyone drew a name and had to get a present for their respective name. It turned out great! Everyone loved their gifts and of course the nephews – being the only little people present – were spoiled rotten. Curtis and I got Colin a two foot toy dragon.

Missy even got a gift. Leave it to my Sister to get my dog an annoying winter sweater that says “Diva Dog”. Really!?!

The only thing missing was our Great-Grandma Karol.

The First Wisconsin Snow of 2009

Yesterday was the first snow. A light dusting I will admit, but incredibly exciting nonetheless. I can’t wait to see more!

So Curtis and I are in Wisconsin, back from Iraq. I’ve been back for a while now. My great-grandmother passed away earlier this year. Sad time for the fam. Curtis got back about a month ago and we’ve been spending as much time together as we can. Trying to start a normal..slower life together. The deployments were long, but done now!

I know its been a super long time since I posted, so plan to change that!

Love everyone.

Merry Christmas!

Today was like any other day. Went to work at 6 this morning, and prepared to work the day, but then realized that working was the last thing I wanted to do! So I relaxed a little. Flipped the TV at work to the military networks movie channel and watched some Christmas movies. lol. Don’t tell my boss!

I missed family all day long. But the movies and comradery in my office helped with the pain. We joked, we laughed, we grilled and we told stories about being home and what our respective families do during the holidays.

It temporarily lightened the heavy feeling of sadness that had settled on all of us. The recent days had been leading up to this day, like a death march. I thought once it reached this day it would be the hardest, but its turned out quite the opposite. Its ended up a cheery day spent with good friends and good tales. While it doesn’t compare to the joys of home, it was an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


Since I moved out of my Aunt and Uncles – who got me through high school – and taken on the big world, they have changed. Over the past few years, they’ve started playing golf. I was always a little confused about this, as they are hunters, four-wheelers, and seemingly adventurous people. I wondered how they could possibly enjoy a game like golf. I’ve always assumed golf was for rich fat white people. (excuse the ASSumption!)

On this vacation they insisted that we try it out and so we did…..WOW! It was so much fun. I had a blast. We rented the carts – mainly so we could drive really fast and act irresponsible; those things are so cool.

The best part of it all was Teeing off. I love hitting something/anything that hard. And to watch it fly through the air, knowing that I had hit it as hard and as accurately as I good…..was a great feeling. Also, spending time with the family was great. We laughed, drank beer, hit some balls, and just had an overall fun time.

When we weren’t driving the little go-carts around, we were walking. Being out in the Wisconsin fresh air felt great. Albeit a bit cold for me. I’m used to the 120-130ish degree weather of Iraq. But I did love it.

If you’ve never tried it, you must. You might find out you share the same misconceptions that I had.

Merry Christmas

Its been a great Christmas, full of surprises. I get done with CRC, fly down here to San Antonio and the next day drive down to the Tx/Mexico border to spend an early Christmas with my Great-Grandmother. My mom and I walk in the door and there standing is my Grandmother. She flew down from WI to spend Christmas with us. I was shocked, very happily shocked.

So we had four generations of the oldest daughters together for a few days. The hardest part was Curtis not being there. It means the world to me that my family has accepted him with open arms and misses him like hes one of their own.

Once we reach adulthood and start lives of our own, how rare the moments are that we get to actually sit down and enjoy family. I feel like my life has been so busy the last couple of years, that I’m missing out on things that I couldn’t appreciate when I was still growing up. I know theres still time to enjoy family, but Great-Grandmothers and Grandmothers don’t last forever, even if I desperately wish they would. To always be there for me to cry on their shoulder, to give good advice, and to tell me when I’m just being silly.

It was an excellent few days. I hope yours was as enjoyable. Merry Christmas!

I’m off to CRC…then Christmas in TX.

I’m leaving today for CRC in GA. Its a week of training and checking the box paperwork that the military requires for a contractor (me) to deploy to Iraq. As I’ll be staying in the barracks, I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to post to the blog or just access the internet in general. While I’m not really looking forward to having to go through this, it does mean I’m that much closer to deploying. We still have no idea when I’m deploying to Iraq.

After CRC I plan on flying to TX to spend Christmas with Mom, Great Grandma Karol, and my sister hopefully she’ll be able to make it! We still don’t know for sure yet, but I just have to see my baby nephew Collin.

I was thinking about it today, this will be my first Christmas since returning earlier this year from overseas. Christmas in Iraq last year was not exactly a happy time. It was happy in the sense of comradeship among soldiers, all suffering through the same thing. But its tough being so far away from everyone that you love. I wish so much that Curtis was here and didn’t have to go through Christmas by himself.

Seeing Family – Sports Spoiler

Today we spent time with family. Visited with my Aunt Kay and Uncle Bill last night and this morning. They’re letting us stay with them while we’re in town for these two days. Its been good catching up on the things we’ve missed being gone in D.C. Their kids moved out about 15 months ago, so for the first time in 20 yrs they have the house to themselves and aren’t responsible for anyone but themselves. They’re having fun and set a cheerful tone for our trip down here.

The rest of the day was spent with my mom. We went to Cracker Barrel, had a meal, and played some cards. Then played some pool at a local joint. I of course won every game. Actually no, mom whooped Curtis and I something bad, I just don’t want to admit it. :( We hung out the rest of the night at her place looking at pictures, and just talking. I miss her so much. Its hard being away from family all the time. While at Cracker Barrel we purchased a baby ducky for my nephew, Collin. Its one of the old school duckies that makes noises when you squeeze it.

Notice how my mom and aunt are both wearing green bay packer shirts. Thats b/c of the big game today and the fact that they both stay true to their roots (WI – Packers). Packers vs. Cowboys game was tonight. I know in my head that the packers lost, but it just doesn’t register. How can the better team (the Packers) lose to the Cowboys. It doesn’t equate. So I celebrate the greatest team of all time – Go Packers!