Iraq Monotony

Monotony, its a way of life here in Iraq.  12 hour days, seven days a week.  Its amazing how fast time flies when a work schedule is like this monotony, its a way of life here in Iraq.  12 hour days, seven days a week.  Its amazing how fast time flies when a work schedule is like this monotony, its a way of life here in Iraq.  12 hour days, seven days a week.  Its amazing how fast time flies when a work schedule is like this monotony, its a way of life here in Iraq.  12 hour days, seven days a week.  Its amazing how fast time flies when a work schedule is like this monotony, its a way of life here in Iraq.


Curtis again. So Iraq… I’m here now and settled into my job. So far the people are great, the actual work is great, and the living conditions are better than the summer I worked at Boy Scout camp, and my dorm room in college. Speaking of Boy Scout camp, so far, this place is comparable to it outside of lacking any kids. There is quite a gender gap. I walk to work. I have limited electronics available at the hooch (military slang, a thatched hut, or any simple dwelling).

As far as work goes, I work roughly one-half of every day. I eat at least twice a day, and drink quite a bit of Mountain Dew. I also havn’t really seen signs of a war actually being present around me other than every uniformed military member carrying a weapon. Work is also quite fun. I am basically given tasks to do, problems to solve, and by the end of the day hopefully fix or make progess on solving them.

Additonally, while we are over here we are going to have to be intentially vague when talking about our jobs, location, day to day schedule, and other items. This is called OPSEC, or Operations Security. So if you wonder why I am being vague or leaving out some seemingly important details like my physical location in Iraq, its because of OPSEC. OPSEC is basically not allowing the enemy (I havn’t seen any yet.) the ability to learn things about the military through normal means. For instance, an individual could visit this page and deduce from posts and comments where I work, what I work on, and therefore could, at least in theory, target us or our deployed forces in some manner.

I’m off to CRC…then Christmas in TX.

I’m leaving today for CRC in GA. Its a week of training and checking the box paperwork that the military requires for a contractor (me) to deploy to Iraq. As I’ll be staying in the barracks, I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to post to the blog or just access the internet in general. While I’m not really looking forward to having to go through this, it does mean I’m that much closer to deploying. We still have no idea when I’m deploying to Iraq.

After CRC I plan on flying to TX to spend Christmas with Mom, Great Grandma Karol, and my sister hopefully she’ll be able to make it! We still don’t know for sure yet, but I just have to see my baby nephew Collin.

I was thinking about it today, this will be my first Christmas since returning earlier this year from overseas. Christmas in Iraq last year was not exactly a happy time. It was happy in the sense of comradeship among soldiers, all suffering through the same thing. But its tough being so far away from everyone that you love. I wish so much that Curtis was here and didn’t have to go through Christmas by himself.

New Found Responsibilities

Its hard when you get so used to someone….for everything, and then their gone. I know that Curtis had to leave but d*mn its hard and at times confusing. Like his car broke down again (stupid car, err) and I had to get a rental car. Its as if without him my life falls apart.

Since going to Iraq last year and coming back I haven’t had any of the households responsibilities. With Curtis leaving this past weekend, they kind of got dumped in my lap. Its been interesting going through the mail to figure out which bills to pay. Learning how to purhcase my own plane ticket and rental car. I always took all this for granted because the spouse did it. But now I’m learning (slowly) how to take care of a household – even if only a temporary house with rental furniture.

So… poisoning

Last week while in San Antonio I got a bad case of food poisoning. Never had it before, but now realize its a horrible beast. I ate some delicious left over pizza and not more then a few hours later I feel like I’m dying. Massive amounts of vomiting ensued for the entire night. About 10ish hours. I kept the whole house hold up unfortunately. We were staying with Harvin – Curtis’s close friend from the military.

Do you ever get sick and have no idea what its from? Well, that was me. Completely clueless. I was pretty confident I was not pregnant and yet here I was viciously sick to my stomach. So thank goodness for the internet. Curtis – my savior at times – did some research and figured it out. The only thing he could find to do was to either go to the hospital or stick it out. We stuck it out. Still not sure if that was the best idea. I did lose like 5pounds though. But still not worth it. Anybody know of any home remedies for food poisoning for next time? (I hate to say that, but better safe then sorry). 🙂

Fun Fun

‘Curtis here’ So the National Guard thing is going good. Both of us are getting to actually do our job which is an improvement upon normal army life. I am getting to do some maintenance on some software I wrote while Active Duty. I am actually somewhat impressed by how easy it is for me to maintain the code unlike past projects I have worked on.

In other news, Julia is sick, but not pregnant (Adams). Shes got a bad case of food poisoning and has spent a couple of days throwing up (non-stop). So shes been out of the loop lately (work and personally). This is her first day back to work, so I’m hopeful shes getting better.

Enchanted…The Movie

Last night we went and saw Enchanted, the movie, at the theater. Make up for not being able to the night before, on our anniversary. It was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. For adults and children alike. I laughed, and almost cried. I enjoy feel good movies immensely and this one takes the hat.

It started off a little bit cheesy – you kind of figured that it would based on the previews – but it quickly turned from cheesy to out right funny for its wittiness, creativity, and uniqueness. It follows the story of a young fairy tale woman who gets dropped into dreary New York city. She can’t help but bring laughter and smiles to everyone she meets, including you the audience member. I even think Curtis enjoyed it. So to all you families, couples, and singles this is a must see.

2yr Anniversary

Yesterday was our two year anniversary. And we spent it with the National Guard. Ehh! No it wasn’t all that bad. While we did spend the day with the National Guard, we did get to spend the night doing what we wanted. Things have been so busy lately, with travel and work that we decided to do something we haven’t had a chance to do in a while. Just have a normal night. Go eat at Chili’s (our favorite restaurant) then go to a movie. – Due to time constraints we kind of had to leave off the movie part, but it was still an excellent night.

Its weird, this is kind of like our first anniversary. Last year I was in Iraq and we didn’t have anything to do other then to say I love you over the phone. So we really enjoyed just being us and being together. This year we did decided to hold off on gifts, but next year there will have to be gifts!

His mom called to wish us a happy anniverary. I thought that was the coolest thing. I’ve never heard of that, but I sure did love it. It was so thoughtful and I never would have thought of it. I wonder if she does that b/c shes from a different generation or just a different family environment. Do other families do that? Hmm?

Christmas Lights & Cards

Its happening. It started the day after Thanksgiving and it won’t end for about a month. Its exciting and frustrating. The Christmas lights everywhere are beautiful and I love them, but trying to shop during this time of year makes me want to pull my hair out.

Its around that time when I have to start sending Christmas cards out. Every year I make an effort, but usually don’t succeed. However, this year I am going to do it. I am determined!

If you’ve got family out there (which I know you do 🙂 ) better start getting those Christmas Cards out in the mail. Good Luck!

El Camino and Black Friday

The first thing Curtis wants to do after Thanksgiving is take his el camino for a drive. After about 20 minutes of doing 90mph on TN back roads, I’m ready to pass out from fear. The car rumbles with power (Curtis asking me if I “feel the demon under the hood”). I decide he’s mentally unstable.

Today is Black Friday, the largest shopping day of the year! You might think I’m crazy, but every once in a while I enjoy the craziness of us Americans. This is the day where its acceptable to act like a psycho when shopping for everyday items. We push and pull, and tear and fight and indulge our occasional materialistic obsessions on this black of all Fridays.