Happy Thanksgiving

We arrived safely, after a very long drive. Slept the night away and then woke up today to enjoy Thanksgiving. His Dad and step-mom live way out in the country in a very classic rustic comely home. I’m in love with it, and silently wish to move out here and escape the crazy city life of the east coast.

A number of Rucks gathered at Curtis’s dads house to share food and stories, and chase the little ones around the house. His brother and sister-in-law have three beautiful children, who love to run, laugh, and more running. After spending a few hours chasing around the littlest one I decided maybe I will be waiting a bit longer to have little ones myself. 🙂 As I’m starting to learn, they may be wonderful to hold, but they are a lot of responsibility.

We had great food. Broccoli, corn, turkey, ham, and much more. O, and the pies were to die for! I just loved them…all of them. I had to have a little piece of each of them. Apple, pumpkin, caramel, peanut butter, and others.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy the holiday.


Curtis and I leave today to drive to TN for Thanksgiving. We are spending the holiday with his family. Its been around two years since we’ve been able to stop in and enjoy family time. The drive should be beautiful as the trees are just reaching the end of their prime, and the colors still scream for attention. We are driving the rental car there and driving the infamous el camino back. Him and his dad organized the replacement of the motor, so now he has an even bigger motor in the el camino beast – bound to be trouble. It should still be a good journey and a chance for us to spend some quality time together. Even if it is a long, long, long drive (there and back!).

I’m going to try and make an effort this Thanksgiving not to eat everything in sight and gorge on all the wonderful Holiday food. This is probably a hopeless endeavor, as I’ll just end up awarding myself an A for effort…..then just splurge again. 🙂


Curtis and I decided to go see the new movie out in theaters, Beowulf. We saw it in 3-D, which rocked! The live action combined with the real-like animation made it one heck of a ride. I was pretty jumpy at first – not being used to 3-D films. It really felt like every thing was coming out of the screen to hit you, but after a while you get used to it and start to feel immersed in the story itself. As if you’re standing on the ground with the characters, but only as watcher to their frightening adventures.

While I enjoyed the cinematic experience of it, I got the feeling that many other people were enjoying seeing an animated almost naked Angelina Jolie. Minus the gold that was running down her body she was bare. It was uncanny how real every thing looked and felt, even though it was clearly animated. All in all, an excellent movie.

The Big Apple

New York is Amazing, in all its big city ways. I went with my closest friend from High School (’03), Jessica. She had a job interview in the Big Apple so I went with her as shes never been to a city that size before. As it turned out we were both very much the country pumpkins. We decided to take the train to N.Y., to catch up on old times and enjoy the view.

Within an hour of arriving in the city we were already lost. I had Curtis on the phone, had stopped and asked directions and was still able to wind up dazed and confused. We finally figured out that we had walked almost 8 blocks in the wrong direction. 🙁 After asking locals how to flag down a cab, we were finally successful. (I was informed to get it just right, you need to be partially in the street and look very confident – my mindless waving was apparently not the right way to do it!).

The Cabby drove like a madman through and around Times Square to get us to our final destination. Scared, and quite shaken we arrive at the Holiday Inn. We go and drop our stuff off at the hotel to realize that my cell phone had somehow escaped me during the excitement. I call it from Jessicas phone, and then suddenly we get a call back from a lady. The lady says how she had found the phone in the cab, then called my mom to inform her how nice New Yorkers are to tourist like myself. She then say she will be leaving my phone with her doorman.

We were staying in Manhattan – Mid-Town. We go right away to get my cell phone, we arrive and I get it from the doorman. Who very prophetically and with a thick accent lets me know that ‘your cell phone is your life’. I’m thinking “WTF”. I’ve been here an hour and so far had gotten lost (almost winding up in the Hudson River), had almost been killed by our taxi driver, had lost my cell phone, and now was being informed that I had somehow cut myself off from my life due to the misplacement of a communication device. Again, wtf.

After that I decide I need a small drink. So we find a small Italian joint and share a bottle of wine. After watching the waiters failed attempts to flirt with us, we depart and spend the next hour roaming around Times Square. The city is in chaos as the New York marathon had just taken place. People with medals around their neck everywhere, and singing, and drinking. Its a Sunday night and the city it completely alive with hooah and cheer.

The next morning we wake up at 6, a bit grouchy and then we were off to ‘get er done’. I walk Jess to her meeting/interview and then roam the streets for the next 8 hrs. I hit up a Barnes and Nobles first to purchase some kind of guide to this massive metropolis. I then make my way to the St.Patrick’s Cathedral. Which is amazing. Massive and beautiful architecture – the likes of which I’ve never seen before. A very proud building that brought out the humility in me (for once 🙂 ). Then I was off to the Rockefeller. Which had good art work, snobby people, an ice skating ring, and some good natured tourists like myself. And this was the pattern of my day. I stayed in Mid-Town in case Jessica was to get done early.

The most interesting part of the city was definitely the streets of the city. They were a life unto themselves. Always in a state of perpetual motion. Standing still was not an option, as you were forced in the direction of the flow. I say force without a negative connotation, it was more like you were guided along by the flow of the traffic. As if the streets moved me themselves, instead of me moving myself. The streets know the city better then I do, so I asked myself, why not follow their subtle direction.

I felt safe at all times, well, minus one of the taxi rides. But the city was full of adventure and life and I hope to visit again, as its pretty close to D.C.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

The festival was a blast. Curtis made his own outfit – which turned out really well. He bought raw fabric and a sewing machine and just sewed it all together! The mans got skill. I on the other hand don’t have that kind of skill, so I purchased a gown and wore that. Curtis has been to many Renaissance Festivals so he knows the ropes. – side note: its weird finding more and more things out the longer you’re married. 🙂

There were so many people there from all walks of life. Even some crazies. There were some gothic looking folks, a mock queen and king, some jousting, and even a little knife throwing mixed in there. I love an excuse to dress up in costume. I mean, as adults we rarely get to dress up, unless its Halloween. Some days I wish I was still 5, and could just tell mom I don’t want to get out of my TMNT outfit.

As far as the future goes, I see us as frequent fliers of the Renaissance Festivals, weirdos and all.

Moving into the Townhouse

We officially moved into the townhouse. When I say ‘moved in’ really I mean we rented some furniture and have our Iraq stuff moved in. Otherwise all our household goods and personal items are still in storage in San Antonio, TX.

We will probably only being living here for about 3 months, before deploying overseas. We get to stay for the holidays and see family and friends. Thank goodness!

The hard thing is having to purchase so many things we already own. Like a microwave, toaster, etc. Its amazing how much you take those things for granted until you move in and realize you have no way to eat your food…..unless you want to cook, and even then you would have to buy pots and pans and such. Not that I’d being cooking anyway, but I’m sure I’d try….occasionally….if I had the proper tools. Or maybe not. 🙂


Skydiving rocks! Except for those first 45 seconds of ear shattering pain during freefall. The gliding down after freefall was the best part. O, and the intial jump out of the plane was sweet too. Being as it was a tandum jump, I just had to hang on for the ride. I’m going to do one more tandum with an emphasis on Accelrated Freefall before I finally jump on my own.

The freakiest thing was, it was my tandum instructors first jump with a student. I really didn’t want to know that, but o well. I initially thought I would much rather have one of the other guys, but he turned out to be awesome. Even though I could tell he was a little nervous about me.

After we came out of freefall, it took me like 30 seconds before I could even talk. I was in such shock. The instructor was freaking out. ‘Are you ok!’ he kept shouting. I mean, I was fine, but surprised as all hell. Jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet kind of takes you off guard is all. 🙂

All in all it rocked and I will definitly be going again in a few weeks.