The beginning of another adventure –

I leave within the next 24 hrs. I’m packed up . . . for the most part. 😉 This will be my last post till after I arrive in Baghdad. I’m not sure how good the connectivity is over there. If Curtis is anything to go by, then its not very good!

I have our new address so if you’d like it just ask and I’ll send it to you. I’m going to try my hardest to keep up with the blog, as its a good link to the rest of the world and will let you’ll know we’re still alive and kicking.

I will miss everybody! I haven’t left yet and I already do. Write when you can; as will I.

Love ya’ll. Later, juls

Embarrasing Moments in the Airport

Today was a travel day. I flew from San Antonio to Atlanta to D.C. to get back to work tomorrow. I always like to arrive at the airport about two hours early; to avoid the crowds, read a book, and just relax. So thats what I did this morning.

While waiting I go take a quick bathroom break, and while I’m walking in one of my favorite 60’s songs comes on. I start singing and don’t pay any attention to the fact that I’m singing in a bathroom. Then suddenly I hear this “OMG! Jeezz” and other comments of that nature. Thats when I realize that they are all talking about me and maybe I should DEFINITELY not sing in a public restroom.

This occasional (more like chronic) absentmindedness causes me so much trouble. Like zoning out when I’m driving and finding myself not where I originally planned on going. Or just in general losing my keys every day. Errr.

Any advice on how to remedy this is much appreciated!

I’m off to CRC…then Christmas in TX.

I’m leaving today for CRC in GA. Its a week of training and checking the box paperwork that the military requires for a contractor (me) to deploy to Iraq. As I’ll be staying in the barracks, I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to post to the blog or just access the internet in general. While I’m not really looking forward to having to go through this, it does mean I’m that much closer to deploying. We still have no idea when I’m deploying to Iraq.

After CRC I plan on flying to TX to spend Christmas with Mom, Great Grandma Karol, and my sister hopefully she’ll be able to make it! We still don’t know for sure yet, but I just have to see my baby nephew Collin.

I was thinking about it today, this will be my first Christmas since returning earlier this year from overseas. Christmas in Iraq last year was not exactly a happy time. It was happy in the sense of comradeship among soldiers, all suffering through the same thing. But its tough being so far away from everyone that you love. I wish so much that Curtis was here and didn’t have to go through Christmas by himself.

Curtis is Deployed

Curtis deployed this weekend. While I am sad (very) he is excited to finally be on his way. Hopefully I will follow in a few weeks so we won’t be separated too long. I said good-bye to him yesterday and it was so hard. I already miss him horribly.

Yesterday my flight was delayed and then canceled so I had to stay the night in Milwaukee WI. Which turned out to be wonderful – other then missing my husband. There was so much snow. I just wanted to roll around in it, build snow men and make snow angels. Of course I was already getting weird looks from the hotel staff for standing around outside just staring at it. I hate to think what they would have said if I started rolling around in it. It was just so white! It feels like years since I’ve really seen snow. Living in TX, and then Iraq, I really haven’t been able to see the snowy flakes.

This morning when I step off the plane, I immediately go to get the el camino out of economy parking. I find it has been illegally parked for the last week and half (bad Curtis). Additionally, I realize its out of gas and leaking transmission fluid. That car is a never ending headache I swear. But my husband loves it and I love him so through the chain I guess I sort of love it too. I’m learning to deal with it. errr.

KP Duty

Yesterday while taking care of National Guard stuff an awkward situation arose. We (all the soldiers) are sitting in the bleachers talking to our platoon sergeant. And hes asking for volunetters for different duties – specifically KP (kitchen duties). And I love, love, to volunteer for extra duties. Keeps me busy. Well, Curtis hates volunteering for anything. So I kick him (subtly) to get him to volunteer and then we can do it together. It seemed like a good idea at the time. 🙂

So he gets the hint – after much kicking – and raises his hand.  Well, right after he raises his hand another solider does. Meaning that the platoon sergeant now has his volunteers and won’t take anymore. So I’m screwed – because I don’t get to do duty – and Curtis is screwed because now he has too. Opps.

Well, at the end of the day it came down to Curtis having to do 7 hours of washing dishes and scrubbing floors. To say the least he wasn’t to happy with me.

2yr Anniversary

Yesterday was our two year anniversary. And we spent it with the National Guard. Ehh! No it wasn’t all that bad. While we did spend the day with the National Guard, we did get to spend the night doing what we wanted. Things have been so busy lately, with travel and work that we decided to do something we haven’t had a chance to do in a while. Just have a normal night. Go eat at Chili’s (our favorite restaurant) then go to a movie. – Due to time constraints we kind of had to leave off the movie part, but it was still an excellent night.

Its weird, this is kind of like our first anniversary. Last year I was in Iraq and we didn’t have anything to do other then to say I love you over the phone. So we really enjoyed just being us and being together. This year we did decided to hold off on gifts, but next year there will have to be gifts!

His mom called to wish us a happy anniverary. I thought that was the coolest thing. I’ve never heard of that, but I sure did love it. It was so thoughtful and I never would have thought of it. I wonder if she does that b/c shes from a different generation or just a different family environment. Do other families do that? Hmm?

Who needs a Clutch

Its been quite the adventure getting here. We stayed up all night last night and now are quite exhausted. Slept a little at the airport this morning at 5am.

Arrived in San Antonio, took a cab to our parked car, and it doesn’t start. We spend the next 3 hours trying to figure out whats wrong with the car. Maybe the starter, the battery, etc. So we start working through it…what could it be! Whats different about this car? For one its a stick shift. So after 3 hrs of headache we realize that we were forgetting to press down the clutch when we tried to start it. Wow! Can you say ‘handicap’. I’m blaming this lack of common sense on the no sleep thing.

I may be tired of traveling but its been great to see family and friends. When you live far away from the ones you love the most, you tend to cherish the time you do get, however short those moments are. In the span of a few hours I’ve cried in reunion, laughed at forgotten jokes, and felt that warm fuzzy family feeling. Its good to be back, if only for the night.

TX – National Guard

We’ve only been home a few days and already are leaving. Curtis and I fly out in a few hours, this Wednesday morning, for Texas. We have National Guard obligations that we have to full fill before we finally deploy. They ‘very nicely’ informed us that if we do not spend around 8 days suffering through their crap we will not be able to deploy, so we gladly (sarcasm) are venturing down there.

It will be nice to see some family and friends. But the thought of having to do PT for 8 days straight and put up with the drama of the Guard is nauseating.

I miss TX, but we’ve already started to build a home here in VA. San Antonio is becoming a pleasant fading memory, even if it does, technically still house all of our stuff. Its funny, I say that we are building a home here in VA but soon we will leave this place as well. I look forward to eventually experiencing some monotony in my life. This moving around, shuffling of pieces is starting to cause some wear and tear. I can’t wait to settle down into a normal everyday life. No military, no drama, no roller coaster, no Iraq….just peace.

The Long Drive Back

We drove back last night. We left Saturday afternoon and arrived at the crack of dawn this morning. It was a long drive, but the roads were almost completely empty. During parts of the journey it felt as if we were the only people in existence, driving down deserted road ways. (not to sound self-absorbed or anything).

More Info on the El Camino: Curtis’s dad arranged to have the el camino (who weve appropriately named ‘Demon’) motor replaced. Thats why its a frightening experience to drive it. Its a V8 350. Its now our permanent car – no more rental car. 🙁

Curtis’s brother has the most beautiful kids I’ve ever seen. Before we left town yesterday we stopped in to see them one more time, and get some chili on the belly for the long drive ahead. It was so much fun to run around and play with them. But again, glad its not my 24/8 job just yet.

While its always hard to say good-bye to family, it feels good to be home. I don’t want to do anything. It seems like you’re always so busy during the holidays that you forget to take downtime to just relax and not think about anything.

El Camino and Black Friday

The first thing Curtis wants to do after Thanksgiving is take his el camino for a drive. After about 20 minutes of doing 90mph on TN back roads, I’m ready to pass out from fear. The car rumbles with power (Curtis asking me if I “feel the demon under the hood”). I decide he’s mentally unstable.

Today is Black Friday, the largest shopping day of the year! You might think I’m crazy, but every once in a while I enjoy the craziness of us Americans. This is the day where its acceptable to act like a psycho when shopping for everyday items. We push and pull, and tear and fight and indulge our occasional materialistic obsessions on this black of all Fridays.