Packing up for TX, then maybe….Iraq…

I have to pack today for San Antonio. Nothing better then waiting till the day before to figure out everything you’re going to need. Its better then the morning of, which is what I usually do.

Things are going a bit better lately. My boss has told Curtis and I that it looks like theres a good chance I’ll be leaving when I get back from Tx. Instead of having to wait until March like I was told last week. This is really good news, but I am in no way getting my hopes up. I told my boss I’d believe it when I see the tickets TO IRAQ in my hand. Getting your hopes up over and over again just to be smacked down is not the way I like my life to go.

I keep thinking of last year and what it was like; rolling off the plane with hundreds of soldiers. This year will be nothing like that. I am a civilian now. I keep wondering how often I’ll have to remind myself of that.

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  1. Albert Adams said,

    January 15th, 2008 at 10:15 am


    At least you get to watch The Packers this Sunday. Try to be positive. Also I think most of your fellow contractors are former military so you and they should fit well with the active duty folks. However you are right once you are out, you are out. It’s weird. Remember to give me your Iraq address when you get there. Be well little sis.


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