Merry Christmas

Its been a great Christmas, full of surprises. I get done with CRC, fly down here to San Antonio and the next day drive down to the Tx/Mexico border to spend an early Christmas with my Great-Grandmother. My mom and I walk in the door and there standing is my Grandmother. She flew down from WI to spend Christmas with us. I was shocked, very happily shocked.

So we had four generations of the oldest daughters together for a few days. The hardest part was Curtis not being there. It means the world to me that my family has accepted him with open arms and misses him like hes one of their own.

Once we reach adulthood and start lives of our own, how rare the moments are that we get to actually sit down and enjoy family. I feel like my life has been so busy the last couple of years, that I’m missing out on things that I couldn’t appreciate when I was still growing up. I know theres still time to enjoy family, but Great-Grandmothers and Grandmothers don’t last forever, even if I desperately wish they would. To always be there for me to cry on their shoulder, to give good advice, and to tell me when I’m just being silly.

It was an excellent few days. I hope yours was as enjoyable. Merry Christmas!

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