So… poisoning

Last week while in San Antonio I got a bad case of food poisoning. Never had it before, but now realize its a horrible beast. I ate some delicious left over pizza and not more then a few hours later I feel like I’m dying. Massive amounts of vomiting ensued for the entire night. About 10ish hours. I kept the whole house hold up unfortunately. We were staying with Harvin – Curtis’s close friend from the military.

Do you ever get sick and have no idea what its from? Well, that was me. Completely clueless. I was pretty confident I was not pregnant and yet here I was viciously sick to my stomach. So thank goodness for the internet. Curtis – my savior at times – did some research and figured it out. The only thing he could find to do was to either go to the hospital or stick it out. We stuck it out. Still not sure if that was the best idea. I did lose like 5pounds though. But still not worth it. Anybody know of any home remedies for food poisoning for next time? (I hate to say that, but better safe then sorry). 🙂

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