Curtis is Deployed

Curtis deployed this weekend. While I am sad (very) he is excited to finally be on his way. Hopefully I will follow in a few weeks so we won’t be separated too long. I said good-bye to him yesterday and it was so hard. I already miss him horribly.

Yesterday my flight was delayed and then canceled so I had to stay the night in Milwaukee WI. Which turned out to be wonderful – other then missing my husband. There was so much snow. I just wanted to roll around in it, build snow men and make snow angels. Of course I was already getting weird looks from the hotel staff for standing around outside just staring at it. I hate to think what they would have said if I started rolling around in it. It was just so white! It feels like years since I’ve really seen snow. Living in TX, and then Iraq, I really haven’t been able to see the snowy flakes.

This morning when I step off the plane, I immediately go to get the el camino out of economy parking. I find it has been illegally parked for the last week and half (bad Curtis). Additionally, I realize its out of gas and leaking transmission fluid. That car is a never ending headache I swear. But my husband loves it and I love him so through the chain I guess I sort of love it too. I’m learning to deal with it. errr.

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  1. Vickie Ingram said,

    December 13th, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    My prayer is that you both are together soon and that God keeps you safe and healthy while you are away from family and friends.

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