Settling In

We’re all starting to feel some amount of normalcy returning to our lifes. KFB comes in early, calls his family, works, and when hes not working he sits in the office looking at pictures of his wife and son.  Hes only got about 40 days left, so hes been estatically happy.

Curtis and I are just enjoying being together everyday. Being able to watch movies, eat lunch, play games, bullsh*t. I’m loving having warm showers and not having a guard outside my shower trailer (like in AF). But, on the downside, the walking! Its killing me. On this base we walk almost a mile to work. I used to enjoy the walk and the fresh morning air, but I’ve grown lazy in AF and am no longer used to it.

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  1. terry& lynn said,

    November 3rd, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    curtis, you are certainly looking the part. julia, good your back to what you called home. interesting stuff in your updates. hope your both doing good and that you voted. love dad & lynn

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