Negative ghost rider…

We’re still in Afghanistan. We check-in with the terminal every morning at 0600 and every night at 1100 to see if we’re on a flight, but we continue to get NO as the answer. So we’ve been unpacking our stuff from the car and repacking it. We have to have our stuff ready for both of those check-in times, just in case they have room for us on the flight. All we can do is try everyday and hope to get out. I’m pretty surprised its taking us this long to get out. Popular time of year for the soldiers to take R&R, I suppose. It just sucks, because I’m ready to see Curtis now!

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  1. Nation said,

    October 28th, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    I have heard that the winters basically shut down a good portion of that country … I guess people try to get out while they can.

    I am sure Curtis is eager to see you too.

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