Hello Kuwait? Maybe.

Less then 24hrs and we’ll be on the bird heading for Kuwait. Hopefully, I should say, as flights frequently get reallocated for other missions or canceled. But we do have reservations so with a little luck maybe will get out of here. Packing has been a nightmare. We’ve had mission work to finish up and at the same time get all of our sh*t packed. But we’re almost done and ready to rock. Actually, correction, KFB has been ready for days now. I, might have, um, procrastinated a little (but only a little). Who enjoys packing anyway!

All in all, Afghanistan has definitely been worth it. But there is no doubt that there are certain things that I won’t miss. I won’t miss cold showers or the lack of sleep. I won’t miss driving 5 mph everywhere I go, or being unable to workout. But I will miss seeing the mountains everyday when I wake up. The people that I work with are great. And seeing all the foreign military support here has been very motivating.

So hopefully within the next day I will be arriving in Kuwait. And then a few days later, into Baghdad!

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