Pimp my ride

I finally did it. I got on the camel. I have to admit, I was fairly nervous. I had to use a giant pedestal to hop on his back. Then I leaned in, to throw my leg over his hump, and the camel turned his head around and barred his teeth at me. I thought it was going to take a bite out of me!

It took me awhile to get the hang of it. I couldn’t figure out how to sit on the thing. And the guide didn’t speak English. Errr! But after a number of readjustments of my legs I was able to semi-figure something out. I bet I sure looked like an idiot trying to figure it out though! Afterwards, KFB informed me that quite a crowd had gathered to admire my riding expertise. He said he could see the envy of my riding prowess gleaming on their faces. I’m guessing hes mistaken and they were probably thinking “what an idiot” because I kept trying to slap the camel on the arse (pointless, btw).

In all truth, it was an awesome ride. More comfortable then any horse I’ve ever been on. The camel just kind of strolled along, as if IT was enjoying the beautiful day. The ride was so comfortable actually, that I would consider purchasing a camel (if I had some practical use for it – which I don’t :( ). Do people buy camels for leisure?

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  1. Wiley said,

    October 30th, 2008 at 4:38 am

    More comfortable than any horse?? Dude, you definitely weren’t riding it correctly (though all respect for finding a comfortable way to ride a camel!)

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