Who needs a Clutch

Its been quite the adventure getting here. We stayed up all night last night and now are quite exhausted. Slept a little at the airport this morning at 5am.

Arrived in San Antonio, took a cab to our parked car, and it doesn’t start. We spend the next 3 hours trying to figure out whats wrong with the car. Maybe the starter, the battery, etc. So we start working through it…what could it be! Whats different about this car? For one its a stick shift. So after 3 hrs of headache we realize that we were forgetting to press down the clutch when we tried to start it. Wow! Can you say ‘handicap’. I’m blaming this lack of common sense on the no sleep thing.

I may be tired of traveling but its been great to see family and friends. When you live far away from the ones you love the most, you tend to cherish the time you do get, however short those moments are. In the span of a few hours I’ve cried in reunion, laughed at forgotten jokes, and felt that warm fuzzy family feeling. Its good to be back, if only for the night.

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