Coffee Nights or substance abuse?

To field the unit we’ve been working on, we’ve had to shift to nights the last couple of days. And as such, to keep my engine running I require a lot of coffee. Well, multiple coffees actually, and then a little banana shake on top of that. :) A girl’s got to do, what a girls got to do.

Before February of this year, I rarely drank coffee. But over the last 8 months I’ve found my requirements for the fix becoming increasingly strong. I wouldn’t say its an addiction but when you wake up one day and you’re ordering a ‘Triple Macchiato’ times 2…..yeah…it starts to sound like a habit that won’t easily be broken.

I guess part of me feels that its justifiable – or I’m probably just rationalizing here – that because of the ridiculously long days, everyday, that that somehow entitles me to have a dependence. Most of my co-workers smoke, Curtis has his Mountain Dew craving, and then theres my new found obsession with foofoo coffees. But really does it? And what constitutes abuse, when you can’t live without it? When you start to require it to accomplish minor tasks…hmmm?

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