TX – National Guard

We’ve only been home a few days and already are leaving. Curtis and I fly out in a few hours, this Wednesday morning, for Texas. We have National Guard obligations that we have to full fill before we finally deploy. They ‘very nicely’ informed us that if we do not spend around 8 days suffering through their crap we will not be able to deploy, so we gladly (sarcasm) are venturing down there.

It will be nice to see some family and friends. But the thought of having to do PT for 8 days straight and put up with the drama of the Guard is nauseating.

I miss TX, but we’ve already started to build a home here in VA. San Antonio is becoming a pleasant fading memory, even if it does, technically still house all of our stuff. Its funny, I say that we are building a home here in VA but soon we will leave this place as well. I look forward to eventually experiencing some monotony in my life. This moving around, shuffling of pieces is starting to cause some wear and tear. I can’t wait to settle down into a normal everyday life. No military, no drama, no roller coaster, no Iraq….just peace.

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