Eastern Afghanistan

Kenny (a.k.a KFB) and I have finally returned from our work in the northeastern part of Afghanistan. We spent just over a week there. It was a great trip (for the most part). We worked straight through the first three days (exhausting!) but the unit wanted their systems up and running right away, so there really wasn’t much of a choice. We experienced a couple of bumps along the way (two co-workers verbally abusing each other in front of the soldiers…not good!) but we’re able to pull the team together and work through it. It was my second time as team lead, but I can honestly say that I’m glad its done and we’re back here to clean showers and comfy beds.

After getting the main base done on the 2nd day, we flew out to three remote remote FOBs (back to back). The first FOB we worked at was between two mountains (or really big hills!) and at the top of each hill was huge stone structures. They say that these were once the home of Alexander the Great. There was a feeling of history that accompanied us on our journey through the different bases.

The bases were all black-out FOBs. Meaning no lights, none. Imagine pitch black, total darkness. Scary almost, except you can see the milky way strolling across the sky. The stars and moon provided the only light to get from point a to point b. I thought I would feel fear in absolute darkness but it was a strange sort of peace, probably due to do feeling so close to the heavens.

The mountains were beautiful. We flew by different kinds of rotary wing birds to the FOBs. Mostly Chinook. The pilots and crew let us look out the gun ports to see the vastness of it all. I must have looked like a tourist with my mouth hanging open, but I’ve never seen such magnificence. The mountains just look so big and powerful, making me feel very small in their presence.

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