Iraq Timetables – what?

“Democrats have failed repeatedly this year to garner the votes to change Bush’s open-ended military commitment to the war.” There is a reason for that. We made a lot of mistakes when we first entered this war – disbanding of the Iraqi Army, not having a plan past securing Baghdad, our debathification process, etc. Members of our government have come to see the error of our ways and are now taking steps to save this before it falls into the black bit of oblivion. If we continue to attempt to set timetables and force a pull out before that countries ready, are we ready to except the fallout from that? The ensuing chaos and further inflammation of sectarian violence would be catastrophic in the region.

I take pride in humanity and I am not enough of a bastard to watch the collapse of a country due to our errors in the initial handling. Whether or not I agree with why we initially went into Iraq doesn’t matter at this point. We should remain strong, follow through, and present a unified presence to the rest of the world.

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  1. Al said,

    November 20th, 2007 at 4:00 pm


    I was thinking about this blog post for a couple days. I agree with everything you wrote. I want to add that having American soldiers in Iraq is the best PR the USA can ever get in this region. Our military is delivering medical care to all the Iraqis, handing out candy and soccer balls to kids, and fighting against oppresive terrorists. Our selfless actions in Iraq demonstrate to every Iraqi that we are not the bloodthirsty killers Al-Qaeda (And American movies) say we are. In the end I believe it’s these daily interactions and demonstrations of goodwill that have won over the Iraqis to our side. Just my 2 cents. Be well little sis.


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