Airport Security

Basically these government officials, Government Accountability Office (GAO), did an undercover opt to get a bomb past airport security. And the results were shocking. “GAO uncovered weaknesses in TSA (Transportation Security Administration) screening procedures and other vulnerabilities.” Well, no sh*t. Yes, there are still vulnerabilities in our security measures and I imagine we’ll be looking at more lock downs because of these ‘uncovered weaknesses,’ but I’m starting to wonder at what point is it going to end. When will the heap of flight restrictions on passengers stop. At what point will we the American people say ‘no more.’ No more forcing us to purchase outrageously priced water bottles because we can’t bring our own drinks to the airplane. You reach a point where enough is enough.

Whenever I fly I’m scared to death that I might have accidentally left a tiny pocket knife attached to my key chain. For the smoker, its probably the gnawing fear of finding a lighter stuffed in the bottom of their backpack while trying to pass through security checkpoints. These items can cause series problems for an innocent traveler.

While I do think some high level of security is necessary to prevent tragedies like the world has seen in the last decade, I don’t think we need to take it to the extreme. Every system has ‘weaknesses,’ nothing is full-proof. Lets just be realistic about the level to which we are willing to go and the amount of problems we’re willing to cause the average American. We’re only willing to sacrifice so much before we say stop. Whether or not thats close, I don’t know. But I’m keeping a heads up on the potential ensuing restrictions.

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