The Bazaar

They have this place on the edge of post called the Bazaar. Think of an American flee market and that’s sort of what its like. But unlike an American flee market they sell items from Afghanistan culture. They sell stones from the surrounding mountains, rugs, furs, hand carved bowls, trinkets, and other misc. items. Some of the local work is very beautiful. There is so much detail and work put into the jewelry, wood, lapis, rugs, and stone work. 

And they have camels! They let you sit, stand, or ride them. The guy – in very broken Enlgish – kept trying to get me on the camel. I’ve always considered myself adventurous and not afraid of anything, but h*ll no! At least not yet. My normal companion of impulsiveness was not with me today.

With my job I have to stay on the bases. Even though I do get to travel to most of the bases in the country, I don’t get to physically leave the base without an escort, which pretty much means not at all. So this Bazaar is the extent of my exposure to Afghanistan culture. Its semi frustrating because I realize that for all my yearning, I don’t get to see this colorful culture right outside my doors.

Unfortunately, its only open one day a week… 🙁 But I’ll try to take more photos of some of the sellers wares. And if anybody wants anything (a rug, a hookah, gems, etc.), send me an email and i’ll pick it up.


  1. mlah said,

    September 16th, 2008 at 9:16 am

    a-hahahaha! you went to the bazaar! hey. it’s way better than the bazaar here. i was actually expecting the bazaar here (blackhawk) to be better than astan. but no……

    go t the korean restaurant for me! north dfac has better food. get the bbq chicken there.

  2. Bob Ruck said,

    September 20th, 2008 at 8:18 am

    Julia & Curtis,,,,,, Chris Ruck gave us info on your blog. Very nice. I don’t think we’ve met Julia,,, but we have seen photos of you guys in Columbia, Tn. This week we just left a package that I’ve been saving for Curtis in Tennessee,,,, Boys Scout stuff from Delaware.

    We live in Ormond Beach, FL now.

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