In the last year…

Inspired by my friend Mlah, I got to wondering what I’ve done in the last 12 months… so heres a short list!
-Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan
-Learned how to Golf
-Flown in the Armys largest plane, the C-17
-Lost 2 pants sizes
-Been in sandstorms
-Shot a couple hundred rounds of an M60 from a Black hawk
-Visited New York City, saw Times Square
-Explored old abandoned Iraqi Tanks
-Saw the home of Abraham from the Bible
-Seen a partial lunar eclipse over the Iraqi dessert
-Learned how to play guitar
-Spent hours in the back of an MRAP with no AC
-Rode a train for the first time
-Attempted (& failed) to calm down a medic who had just tried to save his battle
-Rented a mustang
-Bought a Persian rug
-Watched a gangfight in a restaurant
-Spent a large sum of my battles money in Kuwait City b/c he accidentally got KD instead of U.S. dollars
-Visted the Mall of America
-Saw the Kuwaiti Towers
-Lived in a hotel for three months
-Flown in a Chinook in the middle of the night
-Worked 44 hours straight
-Went to a Wedding
-Got drunk on Borboun Street, New Orleans
-Drove someone elses boat in a swamp, while looking for alligators
-Tried to dress up like a Ninja when I’d had way too many drinks
-Learned from a 33 and a KFB
-Showered with a room full of women
-Watched the skin peel off my feet
-Designed and built a website
-Learned how to invest my own $ in the market


  1. Sandy said,

    August 25th, 2008 at 6:07 am

    WOW…How many people have a short list like that??
    I am happy that you are enjoying life. Miss you and love you. Drop me a line sometime.

  2. mlah said,

    August 26th, 2008 at 2:00 pm


    nice list, but how come some fo the entries are the same as mine?

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