This is an online journal about our lives (the Rucks) and the ongoings within it. We are currently working in Iraq as a couple of contractors. We enjoy computers and reading (both in excess).

Julia ~ I’m a 24 yr old female raised in Wisconsin. I spent four years in the military – one of those in Iraq. While in the military I did strategic analysis. I currently work in Iraq as a Field Service Representative ….whatever that means! I’m interested in snow-mobiling, four-wheeling, the news, family, adventure and getting a hold on this whole blogging thing.

Curtis – I’m 26 yrs old and married to the nut case who writes most of this blog. :) I was born and bred in Nashville TN, until I joined the military and spent four long years in. I’m a tech. Thats what I do. I work on computers – databasing, web development, etc.

If you have questions, suggestions, or general concerns, contact us: skyhawk8496@yahoo.com